Shooting  Star  Dance  Studio
Barre, Vermont
Shooting  Star  Dance  Studio
Barre, Vermont
Summer Classes
Summer Classes
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Starts June 25th, 2019 through July 24th, 2019
Total of 5 Classes
(Once a Week Class)
Ages 3-5
Creative Movement
Ages 5-Up Level 1 & 2
Acrobatic Art

Ages 5-Up Level 3 & 4
Acrobatic Art
$15.00 Registration Fee per Family
(Total for ALL 5 Classes)
Creative Movement $75.00  
Comb Class $75.00
Acrobatic Class $100.00
Hip-Hop With Excel $100.00  


Why do I have to pay for the whole summer upfront?
YES!! Summer can be a crazy time for families.. Vacation, Holidays, and last minute gatherings..
Each class has to have a minimum number of students in each class to operate in the beginning of
the Summer Schedule. Starting class with a large number of students is great, but if students drop
have way through the summer and leave less then the minimum number of students, then the
studio is not able to pay for the teacher and has to drop the class. And thats not fair to the
students that want to continue that class.

Will you Refund my money if my child can't make a dance Class?
Shooting Star Dance Studio has contracts with their employees and pays them for their time and
reliability to come to each class weather their is 2 dancers or 8 dancers in the class.

Dose my child need dance shoes?
Yes, your child will at lease need Ballet Slippers.  We sell them at an amazing price.  After
registering, you will receive a packet of detailed information on how to get dance shoes.
If your child already has dance shoes, then have them bring all dance shoes they have to
their camp.
We will be happy to help you....
Shooting Star Dance Studio
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The Amazing
Tumbling Mat…
Are YOU Ready for
Come Join Us...
This 45 Minute class is for EVERY Little child that wants to be a Princess or Prince.
Class will consist of:
warm up, stretching, Pre-Ballet basic moves, Creative Movement basic motor skills,
and so much more!!
Come Join Us...
This 1 Hour Class
Shooting Star Dance Studio Is equipped with high end Professional Flexi-Roll Tumbling Mats,
as well as extra tri fold mats and a slated wedge.
Students will be working on:
Splits, Jumps, Cartwheels, Standing Back Bend, Chest Stands, Front Limber, Front Arabian,
Back Walkover, and so much MORE!!!

Shooting Star Dance Studio is Certified in Acrobatic Arts!
Ages 6-8
Dance Comb
(Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical/Contemporary, Hip-Hop)

Ages 9-11
Dance Comb
(Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical/Contemporary, Hip-Hop)

Ages 12-Up
Dance Comb
(Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Lyrical/Contemporary, Hip-Hop)
Ages 6-Up

5:00-6:00 Beginners                                   6:00-7:00 Intermediate
Ages 8-11                                                      Ages 12-Up               
Still under construction..
Days, time, and styles are
being added daily..  
an changing..
Check back soon for the full
updated schedule and
programs we are offing..
Come Join Us...
This 45 minute weekly class will work on ONE style per week. We will be focusing on Jazz,
Tap, Ballet, Lyrical/Contemporary, and Hip-Hop.
This class is a great class to see what style you like!!
Come Join this 1 Hour Hip-Hop class taught Via LIVE TV.
Join Excel Garner Live Hip-Hop class from NEW YORK!
…is definitely not your typical choreographer. His steps and unique style constantly keep heads
turning. Dancing since the age of 14 Excel has experienced the industry in lots of different ways. After
graduating High School, Excel and 3 other friends started the group Kwietstorm (pronounced
Quietstorm) and bought their style from Queens, NY to the world. He has performed with artists
including Robin S, the Princess of Hip Hop and R & B, Ashanti, appeared in videos with Whitney
Houston, Zhane, and Vicious, Quad City Dj’s, PMD of multi-platinum rap group EPMD, Commercials
from MCI and Boss apparel clothing, Touring on the Nike Play tour and budwiser superfest tour with
Heavy D, recently performing in the opening act choreographed by TwiTch and Mandy Moore at
Capeizo’s 125th Gala and has appeared in the Taye Diggs film “Brown Sugar” as a breakdancer and
has had reoccurring appearances on Russell Simmons’s “Def Comedy Jam” for 4 years straight.
…has choreographed the for Swedish artist Space entitled “Make it Hot”, indian film “Kehtaa kai dil
baar baar”, and produced and choreographed his own stage show entitled “It’s been a long time
commin.” He choreographed the European tour for KGM/Breaking Records recording artist Carla,
Queen Latifah’s Getoworks Records artist F.A.T.E and videos such as “She like” by FUBU recording
artist 54th platoon, Put your drinks down by Ruff Ryder recording artist Drag-on, and Justine Simmons’
s My Funny Valentine, featuring Rev. Run Of RUN-DMC. Excel now devotes most of his time to touring
nationally and internationally teaching master classes independently and with some of the top
conventions and judging competitions. He has taught master classes alongside Darrin Henson in
Dallas, TX and Laurie Ann Gibson in NY. Excel’s award-winning choreography has won first place
honors in numerous competitions around the United States. He also choreographs his own company
and conducts weekly classes around the NY/Tri-State Area.