Shooting Star Dance Studio
169 Sterling Hill Rd. Barre Vermont  05641
8 0 2 - 4 7 9 - 1 2 9 3
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What is Creative Movement?
It is a question challenging process through which the child first precise the
question mentally and then physically and emotionally solves the question.
Class will Intail:
Skills to work on:
Hopping, Skipping, Jumping, Crawling, Rolling, etc.
Hula Hoops, Pom-Poms, Foam Animal Masks, Hats, Canes, etc.
Shooting  Star  Dance  Studio
Barre, Vermont
Shooting  Star  Dance  Studio
Barre, Vermont
ties at the toes are not allowed)  Skirt (optional).  Boys: Black shorts, white shirt and black ballet
Jazz- Jazz pants, appropriate top or leotard and black jazz shoes or dance sneakers
Tap- Jazz pants, appropriate top or leotard and tap shoes or tap sneakers
Hip-Hop- Jazz pants, appropriate top or leotard, knee pads and dance Sneakers (Sneakers are
required for class)
Ballet- Leotard, tights and ballet slippers. Skirt (optional)
Ballroom- Woman: Dress below knees, tights, and ballroom shoes or street high heels shoes.  
Men: Black pants, shirt, and ballroom shoes or dress shoes
All students must follow the dress code with no exceptions
1. All students must wear the proper dance attire and shoes for each class.
2. All students must enter the classroom ready to dance.  Do not come into the
classroom                 with your street clothing or cover-up still over your leotard and tights and
then proceed to get         ready for class.  The bathroom is for dressing; the studio classroom is
for dancing!
3. Hair must be pulled back out of face.  A bun for Ballet and Pointe classes is required.
4. Do not wear jewelry to class.  It can injure you or your instructor, and when she asks you
to           take it off, you must.  We are not responsible for lost items
5. Jean pants or shorts will not be allowed.
6. No gum, candy, cough drops, etc. in class
To reach full potential in class, a student must attend on a consistent basis.  We expect regular
attendance from all of our students.
Please make sure your child arrives approximately 10 minutes prior to their scheduled class time
to ensure preparation for class.
Excessive absences greatly hinder the individual student, as well as the rest of the class. It is not
fair for the students who do attend class regularly to unnecessarily repeat things over and over in
Shooting Star reserves the right to deny participation in the Showcase to any student with
excessive absences regardless of fees paid or costumes purchased.  No Refunds will be made in
such cases.
without supervision.  All waiting room accessories (chairs, books, toys, etc.) should be returned
back to their proper places after being used.  A toy box for little brothers and sisters is located in
the waiting room. Children are welcome to play, but we do ask for your help in keeping the toys
picked up when your child is through.  Shooting Star Dance Studio is not responsible for items that