Fees, Registration & Tuition

Dance Payment

Shooting Star Dance Studio school-year tuition is by the month.
October 5th, 2020 through May 8th, 2021

These payments are based on the following:

    3 classes per month

  • a week of stage rehearsals
  • a week of recital rehearsals

Note: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter, & Spring, and cleaning breaks are omitted from the tuition calendar and NOT included in your tuition, therefore no makeup classes are necessary.

Auto Pay System - Tuition is paid via auto draft from a credit card, debit card (Visa or MasterCard) or checking account. Upon registration, all families summit credit card, debit card or bank information. Every 1st of the month, tuition will be automatically deducted. At the time of registration, an annual registration fee will be charged with tuition. Any insignificant funds or denied charges, will get an automatic $5.00 fee. Any accounts 15 days pass due will automatically charge a $10.00 late fee.

Registration Fee:

  • A yearly registration fee of $15.00 per dancer or $40.00 Family Fee. *None Refundable

Shooting Star Dance Studio

Monthly Tuition 2019-2020

45 Minute Class $60.00 per Month

55 Minute Class $75.00 per Month

Family Discounts

  • Take 10% off each addition child's tuition fee, after the first full price child.
  • For immediate family members only.
  • Discount dose not apply to the registration fee or single classes, or privates and will be taken off the lower priced package.
  • No discounts will be applied to Hip-Hop with Excel or Ballet class.

Multi-Class Discount

  • 10% off addition classes
  • No discounts will be applied to Hip-Hop with Excel or Ballet Class.

Unlimited Dance Class Package

Please contact Shooting Star Dance Studio for SSDS Unlimited Dance Class package Discount!

Missed Lessons and Make-Up Lessons

No make-up lessons will be given for missed lessons. No refunds will be given for missed lessons. School activities such as programs, field trips, sports games, etc; do not qualify for make-up lessons.

Extreme Weather or Unexpected Interruption of Classes

If the studio must cancel due to extreme weather or even beyond our control such as staff sickness, the class will be made up within the year. Bad weather days, Please call the Studio after 3 P.M. that day. There will be a message on the answering machine advising if class is canceled as well as posted on Facebook.